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I recently joined a workshop from Ann High to make this beautiful Document box.

A quote form the manual: The design on this document is not leaves but ears of wheat. it was made in Devon in England between 1620 and 1640 when this style was popular. We can estimate that it is this date because this was the only time that weath was grown in this area.


Last saturday I joined a class from Bert Aarts
 to make these "Cool" Showcases.
The large case has a little motor inside so pies and pastries
do rotate!!
Hmmmm  .... What will I take ....
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Last weekend I joined a workshop from Ann High
at Annelies place,
to make this beautifull 14th century chest.
Saturday early in the morning:
This is my piece of wood I used to practise making lines,
learn how to use tools in the right way; I had no experience at all
and it doesn't look very promising ...
I still cannot believe she made me carve
the tilting scene as it is.
We finished the carved scene on Sunday afternoon. 
I did like te carving part the most; in a way it is relaxing
and it was hard to stop.
But in the afternoon we had to get on with the last part of
the workshop; finish the chest , take it home ... and play!!
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